Sarah Berger helps people find God's comfort in unexpected places in her new book.

Whether it’s our own or someone else’s, every human will experience loss, and the grief that follows, at some point in their lives. For Sarah Berger, the blindsided loss was intimate. When Sarah’s nineteen-year-old son went to heaven in an inexplicable single-car accident, she found herself plunged into soul-searing grief—the kind that can ruin marriages and destroy faith. But that is not her story.

In her new book, Hope in the Eleventh Hour:A Mother’s Journey through Grief with Eternal Eyes, (David C Cook, November 1, 2022), Sarah Berger, shares her story of tragedy, grief and ultimately, finding God’s comfort through it all. With an unrelenting grip on the Lord’s hand, Sarah clung to the promise that God is close to the brokenhearted. Now, for the many others who grieve losing loved ones to accidents, illnesses, and even suicide, Sarah points them to the God of all comfort.

“This book you hold is full of stories that God has woven into my life along this path over the last decade, writes Sarah. “He has been so kind to shepherd this mom through the toughest terrain I could ever have imagined. He has kept me steady, using His staff to nudge me should I near a dangerous edge. He has gently held me with His every word, because His words in these moments are a literal source of life. May this book be a witness to the fact that the Creator of all things has not left us alone.”

Uphold me according unto thy word, that I may live: And let me not be ashamed of my hope. ~ Ps. 119:116

About Sarah Berger

A speaker and Bible study leader, Sarah Berger co-founded Grace Chapel in Franklin, Tennessee with her husband, Steve. Twenty-six years later, the Bergers founded Ambassador Services International, a ministry designed to educate and equip local, national, and international government leaders. Three of their four children and five grandkids live in Tennessee while their son, Josiah, now lives in heaven.