I was thrilled to read this wonderful, grace-filled book, knowing that each page is bathed in honesty and prayer. I can assure you that the kindness, vulnerability, tone and authenticity within these pages, are indicative of the Sarah Berger that I know and love. I am confident that by the end of the book, you will feel as if you have added a new friend, mentor, and sister to your life as well.

excerpt from forward: Nicole C. Mullen, Recording artist, author, speaker

“Hope in the Eleventh Hour arrives precisely and powerfully into the deepest parts of our hurting hearts. This inspiring book connects with every emotion, from sweet smiles to tender tears. Sarah’s eternal perspective shines a brilliant light on God’s unchanging, inerrant Word and His forever promises to us and our loved ones who are Home.”

Kathy Ireland, chair/CEO of kathyirelandWorldwide

“My precious friend Sarah Berger faced the hardest thing a mother ever has to face on earth: the loss of a child. In Hope in the Eleventh Hour, she takes the reader along on her personal journey of loving her son who beat her to heaven, highlighting the many ways God has spoken to her through His Word and in His tender touches. Beautifully written and hugely encouraging for anyone, this book will especially bring hope and healing for anyone who has endured the loss of a loved one.”

Debbie Smith, wife of singer/songwriter Michael W. Smith and mother of five

“Sarah takes us to a sacred place—into the soul of a mother who grieves and, in time, heals while navigating the valley of the shadow of death and into a trusting place of peace that could only be found in the Prince of Peace. Oh, to see the proud smile on Josiah’s face as he cheers his brave mom on. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing the most precious places of your beautiful heart with us. I know it will be life-changing for everyone who reads your story.”

Rebecca Nichols Alonzo, New York Times–bestselling author of The Devil in Pew Number Seven

“Sarah Berger’s beautiful book, Hope in the Eleventh Hour, brims with authenticity from a woman who’s traveled the incomprehensible and mystical road of grief. Biblically solid and filled with wisdom, her tender words will bring deep comfort to anyone dealing with loss, especially the loss of a child. Let her wisdom and personal experience shepherd you as you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, encouraging you to lean solidly on Jesus.”

Kate Battistelli, author of The God Dare and Growing Great Kids

“My dear friend Sarah writes like she lives: with ferocity and truth. She has been the single most influential person in my own journey of losing my daughter to cancer; her words are wise, real, transformative. Upon finishing this book, I wanted to start all over again to make sure I didn’t miss a thing! Full of heart, depth, and the mysteries of God, this book is necessary for any person who is ready to start healing from loss. Dive into this book and you will experience so much joy!

Kate Merrick, mother of three, speaker, cofounder of Reality church, author of And Still She Laughs and Here, Now

My dear friend Sarah Berger has penned a beautiful love letter to those suffering through the unbearable grief of having to release a child into Heaven. I witnessed Sarah’s heartache firsthand as I mourned their precious Josiah right along with them. With the Lord’s help, she shepherds us through what seems to be an incurable loss and shows us all how to smile again.

Lisa Patton, bestselling author

I have known Sarah as a friend, a pastor, and a mother. I remember when she sat waiting for her son Josiah to be healed and when she released him to be with the Lord. I then watched her sacred journey as she grieved the loss of his presence and her heart had to lean on God’s arms for Josiah’s memory. Her words are simple purity and fervent power. When you listen to her—and in this book read her thoughts and what she gleans from Scripture—you cannot help but want the One she is wholeheartedly devoted to. As Sarah unfolds her story, it is for us a divine encouragement to keep pressing on to that goal God has promised we would all find as we seek Him.

Rita Springer, artist, writer, singer