In a world filled with both beauty and brokenness, perhaps the greatest brokenness we experience is death. On today’s episode, we tackle this brokenness head on with author, Sarah Berger.

When Sarah Berger’s nineteen-year-old son went to heaven in an inexplicable single-car accident, Sarah found herself plunged into deep grief. Having journaled her experiences in the wake of that event, Sarah shares her insights with us in her book, Hope in the Eleventh Hour: A Mothers’ Journey Through Grief with Eternal Eyes and in today’s episode.

In our conversation, Sarah helps us see both life and death with an eternal perspective. She also helps us open our eyes and hearts to how God might be speaking to us amidst our grief and how she experienced God as good and loving amidst her own grief. Overall, Sarah encourages us with so many overlooked truths about God, ourselves, and our loved ones this side of heaven. May Sarah’s words and insights encourage you amidst whatever you might be going through today.